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I think that the Christmas party in ASIB is a mega game changer in terms of how Sherlock perceives Molly. I think once he full on realises that she likes him, and that may in part cause some of her awkwardness, his view of her kind of changes? He starts to see Molly the person rather than Molly the morgue and lab tech who gives him body parts and kind of annoys him a bit. I mean, just here, this bit where she she says that everyone else was busy with Christmas and he realises that that means that she’s actually alone at Christmas and really has nothing else better to do. And in some ways that’s a lot like Sherlock was before John arrived. And this is before the ‘I don’t count’ scene and that in itself is just… wow. I mean to hear from someone that they don’t think that they count / are worthy to you is in itself shocking, but I do think that Sherlock holds her in quite high regard and the searching sort of look that he gives her after she says that is like a ‘you really think that lowly of yourself?’. I think that that’s why Sherlock goes to her for help just before the roof scene because he knows that with Molly he can trust her implicitly, and that not only does he need someone after it, but that maybe she could do with a friend too and just ugh these two, they make my heart bleed.

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